City of Ventura: Install Speed-Bumps on North Joanne!

City of Ventura: Install Speed-Bumps on North Joanne!

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Started by Paul Osborne

We need speed-bumps installed on N Joanne Ave in Ventura.  This is a residential neighborhood with many families and pets.  This stretch of road is used as a thoroughfare between Telegraph Ave and Loma Vista Rd.  We have people speeding down this street every day.  Due to our proximity to Community Memorial Hospital and Saint Bonaventure High School our street is used as a quick way to pass between these two busy streets for both students and medical professionals.  We have an electric road-sign that tells drivers how fast they are going and they constantly ignore it and travel well over the 25MPH posted speed limit.  It is hard to pull out of our driveway during high traffic times due to the volume of cars speeding down our street. 

I am creating the petition because my sweet 8 month old puppy was just hit (and run) by a driver speeding down our street.  We are so lucky that she is still alive.  She was completely motionless in the street and suffering from severe loss of blood.  Thanks to the amazing Vets at Horizon we have our sweet girl Lizzie back home recovering from severe head trauma and a lot of road rash.  

How long before someones child is hit by a hit and run driver?  This is a close knit neighborhood with a-lot of working families.  It is very obvious the road-sign that shows cars speeds is not an effective deterrent for speeding drivers. 

We need the city of Ventura to install speed bumps on our street!

I am imploring the city officials to install speed bumps on this street and stop people speeding!

31 have signed. Let’s get to 50!