Your support is NEEDED! Enhanced due diligence on Board of Trade Golf Course (CLUBLINK)

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We the Friends and Neighbours of the Board of Trade; Keep Vaughan Green, Greater Woodbridge Ratepayers Association, Village of Woodbridge Ratepayers Association and the West Woodbridge Homeowners Association appeal to you for your support!

On May 8th at 1pm the Community will be requesting that the City of Vaughan represent its Community and uphold the following amendments to the Members Resolution that will be introduced by Councillor Tony Carella.  We are asking that the City of Vaughan complete their due diligence and be unbiased in their review and assessment of the Board of Trade redevelopment application.

WE, the residents and taxpayers of Vaughan exercise our right and petition the Mayor and Members of Council of the City of Vaughan to take all expeditious legal and administrative steps to bring forward a resolution of Vaughan Council that incorporates the following;

1.    That the City of Vaughan implements an Interim Control By-law (ICB), at the City of Vaughan’s expense, restricting the County Club lands to its existing uses, with consideration that a one-year extension may be required. Specifically, the purpose of the ICB is to ensure that the City of Vaughan and the Community has sufficient time to complete key public and community driven independent studies on the property that include the following:

  • Comprehensive Land Use Analysis of the Country Club Lands;
  • Community Area Specific Study;
  • Community Economic Impact Analysis Study
  • Community Social Impact Study;
  • Environmental Impact Study;
  • Mental Health Impact Assessment; 
  • Cultural Heritage Landscapes Strategy and Implementation Study of the Country Club Lands, formerly known as the Toronto Board of Trade Golf Club.
  • Thorough Archeological Impact Assessment, plus First Nations consultation.
  • Other studies as may be required

2.    The Community is concerned about currently permitted development or alterations occurring during the study period that could have adverse impacts on potential cultural or natural heritage landscapes on the site. We therefore request that the proposed Interim Control By-Law must prohibit permitted site alterations of the Country Club lands. In addition, the By-law should prohibit permitted construction, site alteration, expansion or demolition of any building, structure or landscape(s) on lands, including tree removal.

3.    That Keep Vaughan Green, Village of Woodbridge Ratepayers Association, Inc. and The West Woodbridge Homeowners Association, Inc. be granted the right, after consultation with its legal team and the City of Vaughan, to select the qualified experts to conduct the studies.

4.    That the studies be funded by the City of Vaughan for later reimbursement by the developer to ensure such studies are driven by the public without bias.

5.    That a Conservation Easement protecting at least 66% of the remaining Country Club lands, not part of the current OPA Amendment and zoning bylaw should be executed immediately.

6.    We are also extremely concerned that Vaughan is now violating its longstanding practice of deferring to the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (“TRCA”) on environmental matters. Council must reassure us there will be no repeat of the unfortunate circumstances suffered by the residents in the Grand Trunk ravine (Dufferin Vistas) OMB Hearing [PL160978]