Change Vaughan's Sign By-Law to Allow for Freedom of Expression

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The City of Vaughan currently has a by-law that prohibits people form putting up certain types of lawn signs.  For example, the City of Vaughan does not allow the "" signs from OECTA, or the OSSTF "No Cuts to Education" signs, or the ETFO in support of public education signs to be installed on PRIVATE PROPERTY at all (with or without a permit).  This clearly violates one of our Fundamental Freedoms in Section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms right to Freedom of Expression, as is further outlined in the Supreme Court decision Ramsden v Peterborough, 1993.  The City is willing to have a second look at the by-law to allow for more freedom of expression, but they require proof of public interest to do so.  Please add your name in support of allowing all of Vaughan's residents to be able to exercise their Freedom of Expression by installing lawn signs in support of public issues on their own private property.