Citizen petition for tiny house pilots in the City of Vancouver

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Municipal election campaign - let's keep pushing tiny in the City of Vancouver!

Hi everyone,

Thank you VERY much for your support on this petition requesting legalization of tiny houses in the City of Vancouver! Your voices are critical to the success of this movement!

Here is our tiny house update:

We have received over 1,100 signatures on this petition! In July of 2018 we presented City of Vancouver staff and council with our Vancouver "Designing Tiny" look book. 

Yet despite our collective efforts, staff and council are currently unreceptive to the further exploration or piloting of tiny house legalization in the City of Vancouver.

While this may appear like a failure, we are in luck: municipal elections are taking place on October 20, 2018 and this is the perfect time to remind mayoral and council candidates that citizens want diverse housing options, including tiny houses.

We therefore ask that you please take a moment to sign our latest petition directed at mayoral and council candidates, which will we send to candidates throughout the election campaign.

You can learn more about City of Vancouver election candidates' here.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page to learn more about specific candidates' positions on tiny houses; we will be posting about mayoral and council candidates who support legalization. Then, on Oct 20, we can vote them into office and kick-start this process!

THANK YOU again for your advocacy and engagement!


Sam and the BCTHC team

BC Tiny House Collective
2 years ago