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A consequence of the city’s plan to remove the Dunsmuir and Georgia Viaducts is a plan to divert traffic from Prior Street to a widened Malkin Avenue – the “Malkin Connector” – which will be extended west to Main Street and east to Clark Drive via an overpass across the railroad tracks.

Malkin Avenue is the right-of-way for the downtown freeway that was never built. This right-of-way is 12 lanes wide and parts of Cottonwood Garden, Strathcona Garden and Strathcona Park have all been developed on this unused right-of-way. Cottonwood Community Garden will be most affected if the plan to widen Malkin goes ahead.

There’s still time to stop Cottonwood Community Garden from being bulldozed and paved over. The City planners at Mayor Robertson’s request are preparing a “Malkin Connector” reportIt’s not yet clear when it will go to Council for a vote. Vancouverites will of course not be able to vote, but we can make our voices heard to our elected representativesIf enough of us speak up, Council will not be able to ignore us. Learn more about the garden and the situation by reading Oliver Kellhammer's Cottonwood Community Garden: Oasis in Peril.

If you feel like we do that Cottonwood Community Garden must not be sacrificed to facilitate traffic to the downtown core, please sign this petition, and check our website for more ideas of what you can do to help us!

Letter to
City of Vancouver
I just signed the following petition addressed to: City of Vancouver.

Save Cottonwood Community Garden!

We the undersigned find the City of Vancouver's plan to widen Malkin Avenue and make it a high traffic commuter road unacceptable. A widened Malkin Avenue would demolish and pave over the two oldest, most established and ecologically important community gardens in Vancouver.

We demand that Cottonwood and Strathcona Community Gardens be left intact and untouched by any City of Vancouver plans to divert traffic through the East End