Revoke your sexist dress code! #wearethebooty

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`All Night Dance Events` or what many people call them `raves`, are electronic music events that are held by promoters at venues with as little as 200 to as much as 3000 people. Attendants called `ravers` dance in one giant room for 6+ hours, jamming to the beat with other attendees.

In a closed venue of hundreds of people dancing against hundreds of other sweaty bodies, dehydration is a common concern. Because of this, people attending these events (called `ravers`) will often wear as much clothing as you would see on a beach due to the demands of having a good time. 

But the City of Vancouver won`t have it.

A picture of the sign that was recently posted on social media, but has been in effect since as early as 2010, demands only women attending All Night Dance Events in the City of Vancouver, that they cannot wear `booty shorts, `hot shorts``micro-mini skirts`, `lingerie`, `swimsuits` or underwear. What`s noticeably lacking is the demand of male-oriented clothing such as speedos, but even more importantly, the complete omission of the male gender itself! 

While the signs rules have been implemented on the down-low for at least 4 years now, the growing prevalance of All Night Dance Events has spurred a sudden surge in the rule being enforced again.

The City of Vancouver`s demand is not only sexist, but extremely flawed. By this definition, men would be allowed to attend All Night Dance Events wearing `booty shorts, `hot shorts``micro-mini skirts`, `lingerie`, `swimsuits` or underwear with no issue, but not their female counterparts. And that`s not right.

Clothing is one of the main forms of expression in the rave/All Night Dance Event scene. It`s upsetting as a fellow `raver` that the City of Vancouver would want to downplay this, but what`s truly more distressing is that the City is furthering fueling rape culture by telling females that, when their body is exposed, it`s only for and of a sexual nature.

Why is a woman able to wear a swimsuit to the beach on a hot day, but not in a closed venue full of hundreds of dancing participants? The temperature is the same, if not more hotter. The decision to wear sparkly `booty shorts` is a form of expression, but more often than not, it is worn out of necessity to keep from passing out in the heat.

By signing this petition, we are asking the City of Vancouver to revoke it`s outdated and sexist dress code to those attending All Night Dance Events and take down all such signs immediately. 

We will continue fighting for gender equality and equal rights for all.


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