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Remove the "East Village" banners and the brand for our community.

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 East Vancouver has a variety of neighborhoods all with their own unique identity. Commercial Drive, Hastings Sunrise, Grandview Woodlands etc. Traditionally Hasting Sunrise and G-W has been a working class / low-income neighborhood, but it has been recently experiencing a rapid change. Although improvement is a good thing not all people hold the same definition. The North Hasting BIA is an organization, which looks to improve business along Hastings Street from Commercial to Boundary. They believe that people associated the name "Hastings" with the Downtown East Side so they decided to re-brand the area with the unoriginal name; "East Village". In their defense, the names of the original neighborhoods remain the same. To their definition, “East Village” lays within Hastings Sunrise and G-W. However the "East Village" movement has implemented a visual bombardment of their brand, hanging banners everywhere and changing signs that used to read "Sunrise" to "East Village". The North Hastings BIA privately had the brand designed and got approval from the city without ever consulting the community that calls the area home. The name change has received massive disproval and it is time to officially have the voice of the community heard. We can work to improve our community without changing our identity. Please sign to have the banners and the brand removed.

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