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Olympic Village Temporary Modular Housing #WHYHERE

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Call to Action:  Please sign this petition to oppose the location of the Olympic Village temporary modular housing. This petition will be sent to the City of Vancouver prior to the open house session.

#WHYHERE #OlympicVillageTemporaryModularHousing

  • There are already a total of 452 units (modular or otherwise) for the homelessness in an immediate 10 block radius.
    - 40 units at 220 Terminal (temporary modular housing)
    - 129 units at 188 East 1st (First Place Residence - Lookout Society)
    - 147 units at 215 West 2nd AVE (Marguerite Ford Apartments)
    - 74 units at 2088 Yukon (Lookout Society Emergency Aid Society)
    - 67 units at 1601 West 7th AVE (Sanford Apartments)
  • Over 1000 children live in the immediate area*
  • Multiple schools, childcare facilities and parks within a 1km radius
  • Potentially housing tenants with criminal histories and high risk to reoffend***. City has yet to confirm. 
  • 82% of homeless people have the following ‘health conditions' - 53% addiction, 44% mental illness, 33% physical disability, 44% medical condition/illness**
  • 15% and 11% of homeless people have reported binning and panhandling respectively as their source of income** 
  • TEMPORARY? 5 years permanent with additional and probable 5 years extension
  • This prime real estate location could be better used if sold to a developer, generating far more more revenue to create a permanent solution for homelessness.
  • This location is situated in a moderately high-cost of living area with equally high cost amenities and facilities nearby
  • The City of Vancouver is the largest land owner in the lower mainland. More reasonable properties are available to build Modular Housing in areas that actually make sense

         Heighten risk of security

  • Existing pathway to Canada Line that connects Ash and Commodore St. for local residents poses an increased safety concern esp for women and children
  • Olympic Village station is a busy hub for young students connecting to/from VCC/UBC via the bus lines both early morning and late night. 
  • Needles were found by children in Creekside Community Center when it was opened for homelessness during the extreme weather in Jan 2017

Open House - January 30, 2018 @ 4 – 7 pm. Location: Beaumont Studios at 326 West 5th Ave

For more information on the Temporary Modular Housing Contract                

*Source: Age 0-19 Statistics Canada, Census Profile, 2016.

 ** 2017 Homeless Count in Metro Vancouver Report from BCNPHA.

 *** MEDIUM/HIGH Needs tenant definition from Temporary Modular Housing Contract Report.  a)  Non-engagement with treatment and support services  b)  Poor housekeeping, hoarding, and hygiene  c)  Extensive criminal history indicating high risk to re-offend  d)  Can create security problems through aggressive and intimidating behavior  e)  Episodic dramatic presentation, manipulative, demanding or intrusive behavior, inability to sustain personal relationships  f)  Frequent conflict with others, poor communication skills.  History of property damage.

Please see below links for more resources on the research done by the Marpole community on modular housing.




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