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Improve marking and signage for the Franklin/Nanaimo/Pandora Park pedestrian crosswalk

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Spot the crosswalk in the photo! (drivers' view, facing south).

The crosswalk at the intersection of Franklin Street and Nanaimo Street, next to Pandora Park in Vancouver, BC is poorly marked. Some of the signage is blocked by trees, and with its location at the crest of a hill, the road paint is invisible to drivers. The crosswalk is directly adjacent to Pandora kids park and the most logical crossing for pedestrians walking from Hastings Elementary School to the water park/kids park. 

Being tired of almost getting run over by cars driving 60kmph+ while walking with my 6 month old son, or hearing that my wife was almost run over doing the same, I recently raised the issue with the City Counsellors responsible for the area who forwarded my email on to the Dept. of Engineering for the City of Vancouver. Based on a Risk Assessment the City decided that re-painting the existing road markings (2x white parallel lines) was sufficient. New paint was applied but sadly is still invisible to drivers due to the hill cresting at almost exactly where the crosswalk is. A follow-up with the City having still almost been run over multiple times since the re-painting, was unanswered. 

I am therefore interested in getting names of those local residents who are also concerned about the safety of this crosswalk which should be given a high priority fora additional marking based on its sensitive location on a major through-street, next to a park used by hundreds of young families every week. 

Similarly sensitive locations in the same neighbourhood, on Victoria Drive have automatic flashing orange beacons when pedestrians are at the crosswalk. Other approved marking might include permanent orange-flashing orb lights. Road paint of any form is ineffective at this location due to the shape of the road surface. 

Please join me in calling on the City of Vancouver to step up and take responsibility for the crosswalk they have provisioned at this intersection with some appropriate marking.

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