Call for VPD to start wearing mandatory body cams

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As a person with lived experience and Frontline Support Worker on Vancouver’s Down town east Side, I’ve experienced and witnessed my fair share of police violence and abuse. Police related abuse is largely common with our First Nations population, people of colour, and the city’s most vulnerable. Not only is it physical violence, but verbal and mental abuse.  This is nothing new to our community and has unfortunately been happening for decades. Generally, when folks are subject to police brutality, it often goes unreported due to many different circumstances. The fear of stigmatization is often a common reason why folks do not report; even when incidents are reported, they are swept under the rug and forgotten. 

I’m calling for the VPD to be required to wear body cams at all times to increase accountability. It’s my understanding that body cams were to be implemented in 2016, but the plan was scrapped due to the price tag. With that said, The “high price” didn’t stop them from buying brand new vehicles and other things. Where’s the transparency?  

I strongly believe that this would be a step in the right direction with the intentions of holding VPD accountable and drastically reducing police brutality incidents. 

Stand with me in defending those who’s voices have been ignored by society for far too long. 

Thank you for reading!