Call for the City of Vancouver to uphold Agreements within the West End Community Plan

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Upcoming Meeting with City Councillors

Thanks again for supporting our Petition calling for the City of Vancouver to uphold agreements within the West End Community Plan.

Over the past few months, we've been meeting with 5 other West End community stakeholder groups and have arranged a meeting and presentation with 9 of our new City Council Members which will take place on Thursday, January 17, 2019.

Our meeting will highlight collective concerns about affordability within the West End. Our group believes that respecting and enforcing the Plan is intrinsically linked to safeguarding affordability within the West End, and safeguarding affordability also protects the vibrancy and long-term viability of the community.

We believe that if the City requires developers to comply with the Principles and Objectives of the West End Community Plan and amends the bylaws to reflect the spirit and intent of the Plan, the result will be development that actually meets the Plan's goals of maintaining the West End as an affordable and vibrant neighbourhood.

We're encouraged that so many Members of the new Council will be meeting with us and hope that there will be a constructive dialogue to ensure the West End Plan remains effective, and to rebuild trust between the City and West End residents.

We will be presenting our petition numbers to the Councillors. Please help us grow the numbers by sharing this petition.

Thanks again for your support,

West End Act Now

West End Act Now Vancouver
3 years ago