Deny Boffo Properties rezoning of the site at Commercial Drive and Venables in East Vancouver.

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Update to online NO TOWER petition

Since this petition was originally posted, nearly a year ago now, some changes have occurred. Now Boffo is seemingly not asking for 15 or 20 storeys. The highest tower of the three they're proposing for the site now is supposedly 12 (although site plans or details have not been made available except in the form of attractive bird's-eye-view artist renderings). We understand that the density, or floor space ratio, is still about the same, however. And now, rather than offering 30 units of supportive housing for people with mental health issues, they offer "up to 30” units. Where they were once asking for 150-200 units of market condos, they have now settled on 200. For those people who have signed this petition already, we wanted to let you know of these updates. We continue to oppose this development for all the reasons originally outlined in the petition. If you have any questions about the updates, please contact us at Please watch our recent video and visit our website — — to read about our alternative proposals for this site.

6 years ago