57th & Prince Edward Intersection Speed Prevention Measures Needed - Vancouver

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The intersection at 57th and Prince Edward Street is a highly trafficked one. At least once a month there is a car accident due to the lack of attention payed to the stop signs on Prince Edward. Excessive speeding along East 57th Avenue is also a large contributor to accidents that have occurred in this area. I have seen a child on a bike hit, a pedestrian crossing hit, many vehicle collisions including my own parents getting hit by a driver who went through the stop sign. Please sign this petition to get the attention of the city of Vancouver- in order to add either speed bumps along Prince Edward to slow traffic down, Intersection lights, a flashing light or a roundabout. There are elementary schools nearby, young kids, families, elderly, walking and driving who have been injured due to the lack of attention payed to the stop signs. We need to work together to make this neighbourhood safer. Please help make a change.