Twinsburg should hire Outside Counsel for Zoning Law Evaluation

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Based upon current zoning questions  in TWINSBURG and the confusion which encompasses it in relationship  to Business verses residential, the citizens of Twinsburg demand Our Mayor and Council to retain an outside expert attorney in zoning law to evaluate and report on  zoning in our community.  Due to time restraints, the citizens request this to be considered an  emergent  matter  and completed by August 10, 2018.  

Failing to provide the highest level of initiative on researching and investigating the current City Zoning laws as they apply to our city as well as State laws is imperative.  

 The citizens of Twinsburg demand a diligent, decisive, and supportive evaluation of the questioned zoning on  Edgewood Drive.  

Thoroughness, by any legislative team is imperative, especially when the leadership themselves are confused and perplexed by the verbiage .

Moving forward, let us as a community provide our leadership with the message that our expectations of them are higher than what they are currently providing.