Require UHN to preserve existing affordable housing stock in Parkdale!

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Tell UHN to commit to preserving affordable rental housing in South Parkdale. 

We are very concerned about the severe shortage of affordable rental housing in Toronto, including in Parkdale with its high number of low-income renters. For over 25 years the University Health Network (UHN) has been renting 10 houses and apartments at an affordable rate on Close, Dunn, and Springhurst Avenues, presently occupied by a mixed-income community of about 30 people that includes seniors, people who are disabled, underwaged and families.

Unfortunately, these buildings have not all been maintained in a good state of repair. In the middle of a housing crisis, UHN has held 1 Close Avenue and 3 Close Avenue vacant for over 15 years. Another building was demolished a few years ago, despite the fact that in 2002 the City had asked UHN to maintain and rehabilitate houses it owned for affordable housing or a similar purpose. UHN appears not to have the capacity to adequately steward these vacant homes.

Currently, UHN is seeking rezoning permission from the City of Toronto to expand the Lakeside Long-Term Care Centre (150 Dunn Avenue), built in 2002. We strongly support creating new long-term care beds in Toronto, but would like the City to give this permission only if UHN meets the following conditions:

1. Maintain all UHN's existing housing stock in Parkdale (including 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 Close Ave; 78 and 74 Springhurst Ave; and 74 Dunn Ave) as affordable rental housing.

2. Maintain the zoning of rental housing as residential (R2).

3. Transfer ownership of two vacant homes at 1 Close Avenue and 3 Close Avenue to the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust to be rehabilitated for affordable housing.  As an organization that specifically focuses on the stewardship of affordable housing, the Land Trust will rehabilitate these buildings and assure they are maintained as affordable housing in perpetuity!

The Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust