Stop the Proposed High Rise Condo in the Heart of Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

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Stop the Proposed High Rise Condo in the Heart of Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

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We are a group of concerned Toronto residents who oppose the plan to build a massive 45-57 story condo in the heart of one of Toronto’s only historic sites and most popular tourist destinations.

The proposed high-rise tower is completely out of character with the historical fabric of the Distillery District due to dwarfing the national heritage site of Victorian buildings dating back to 1832. The proposed tower would stand on the south side of the Distillery District roughly 60M from Balzac’s Coffee Shop and would cast a shadow onto the main public square.

There are currently 3 condo towers in the Distillery District and the area is at severe risk of over-development. Aside from fit with the neighborhood and shadowing onto public spaces, parking and congestion are also major issues.

The majority of residents are supportive of the development in the surrounding area, creating new neighborhoods and bringing life to Corktown and the West Don Lands. However, the proposed 45-57 story tower does not conform to existing Zoning-By-laws for the area due to significantly violating height restrictions. As such, it would then require an amendment to the existing official plan for the area, which is currently under review.

The Distillery District is ranked among the top places to visit in Toronto within all travel publications and websites. It is a place to be proud of and to be enjoyed by all residents of Toronto and visitors to our city. In fact, no other city around the world would build modern high-rise condos directly on a historical site.

Please help us influence the City of Toronto and the Ontario Municipal Board to not allow this mass development on one of our city’s few Heritage sites.

Join us in protecting this area by signing and sharing our petition.  

Thank you.

For more information on the development proposal:

City-Initiated Official Plan Amendment:

Upcoming Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Pre-Hearing on August 2nd, 2016:

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This petition had 473 supporters

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