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Petitioning City of Toronto; the Government of the Province of Ontario

Institute recall legislation for Toronto City Council

This is not just about Rob Ford.

Why do we need him to bring the community together to fight for our future? He's inspired a record level of civic engagement among Torontonians (anecdotal- I've got no proof, just a gut feeling- something I've learned from our current mayor, I guess). Let's keep this going, and give ourselves the chance to take our community back from the hands of any politicians who lie to their constituents, disregard members of the media, and generally conduct themselves in a manner that is both unprofessional and unbecoming of the Mayor of Toronto or a member of City Council.

Ask yourself, "If the Mayor was my employee, would (s)he still be working for me, based on his/her work ethic, actions, and statements? Does (s)he contribute to a productive work environment?"

If you're answer is "No", then you should have the right to submit a petition to recall to the Mayor or city councillor in question

It's about time.

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  • City of Toronto; the Government of the Province of Ontario

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