Help build a radically new approach to learning for Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids

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Redesigning school – away from conformity and towards curiosity.
For many kids, particularly Indigenous kids, the regular K-12 education system isn’t working. Current solutions offer more of the same. More homework, more testing, more tutoring, more after school ‘enrichment’. We don’t need more of what’s already failing and we don’t need an “Indigenized” version of the regular system. We need different – radically different. 
Our education system is struggling to meet the diverse needs of our youth and is not adequately preparing them for the complex and interconnected world they will face. We see this reflected in student disengagement; unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression; and, inequitable educational outcomes. This is particularly true among our Indigenous youth who suffer drop-out rates that are double the national average. Canadians have an opportunity to completely re-imagine the system and dramatically change this trajectory.
We are proposing an entirely different model of learning in a pilot school, located in Toronto, Ontario. It will be embedded within the public system and designed for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to attend together. Children from 4 to 19, led by their innate curiosity, will take charge of their own learning path in an experiential, land-oriented, democratically run system. They will play together, work together and grow together in an environment of mutual respect and exploration.  This self-directed environment is both aligned with traditional ways of learning and proven effective in this complex digital age.  Youth will leave this school prepared to be productive, self-reliant adults in an ever more quickly changing world.
You can help get our school off the ground. After the pilot succeeds, we will work to spread the model across the country! Sign this petition and demonstrate that you think we need a radically new approach to learning for our kids.

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