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Toronto Tiny Shelters (TTS) is demanding that the City of Toronto immediately reverse their stance on temporary shelters, allowing them to remain in City parks during the Winter of 2020-2021. We also insist that the city ceases to intimidate and forcefully remove those residing in encampments in our city.

TTS has been providing structures to those living in encampments since September, 2020. The structures are insulated, water resistant and equipped with a fire/carbon monoxide detector. They have been well received by those who stay in them. 

  • These shelters are not meant to be a permanent solution. 
  • These shelters are not a replacement for the city’s shelter system. They are an alternative for individuals who a) are unable to obtain a shelter bed, b) do not feel safe staying in a shelter (due to COVID or other reasons), or c) have been kicked out of a shelter/hotel and have no other options.
  • These shelters are needed to protect people from freezing to death during the Canadian winter. 
  • We are not standing in the way of the City’s work towards alternatives that will accommodate all citizens of Toronto. 

Every year people fall through the cracks of the current system and these people end up dead on our streets. 

We believe that in the absence of suitable shelter or housing, every person has the right to a safe, warm and consistent place to sleep. A place where they can safely store their  possessions and maintain connections to their community, where they have vital support networks and services.

Advocates estimate that there are over 1000 people living outside in Toronto - the city’s winter plan only accounts for 560 people. These spots are not always safe, especially during a global pandemic. Additionally,  every day people are being evicted from their apartments and homes, inevitably increasing the number of homeless people.

By supporting this petition, you are sending a clear message to Mayor John Tory and all elected City representatives: we demand that our City’s public land be available for all citizens, and that they instate a moratorium on encampment clearings.


We DEMAND that:

  1. The City of Toronto allows shelters and encampments to remain in city parks during the winter 2020/2021.
  2. The City stops threatening and forcefully removing people from encampments
  3. The City stops it’s legal threats and actions against people providing temporary shelters
  4. The City provides adequate housing and facilities for all experiencing homelessness.

See here for an email template to your City Councillor :