Change the intersection of W Call St. and Chapel Dr.

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The intersection of W Call St. and Chapel Dr. is extremely dangerous and needs to be changed.

The exit off of Tennessee Street that leads to West Call Street has cars going at high speeds. Cars are often stopped on West Call Street due to the traffic seen at all of the restaurants, specifically Chick-Fil-A. More often than not, there is a high number of vehicles that overflow from their drive-thru and parking lot that stop traffic on West Call Street. As a result of the high volume of cars, and the speeds which they are traveling, it's almost impossible to make a left turn anywhere in that intersection. Turning left out of Chick-Fil-A is almost completely impossible, due to the traffic coming from the left it is completely visually blocked. Also, there are people pulling off of Chapel Dr that are going at a much slower speed than people coming off of Tennessee St. Not only is there car traffic, but there are also pedestrians crossing the road as well. 

Due to the poor planning of this intersection, an FSU student was killed last fall in an accident. A life that was taken too soon. This could have been prevented if the necessary precautions were taken to help combat these type of accidents.

I have contacted the City of Tallahassee multiple times, only to receive little answers and to be sent to voicemail. Some form of safety measure, stop sign or red light, MUST be established by the city of Tallahassee to prevent further tragedies of this nature. If you also believe that the W Call St and Chapel Dr intersection is unsafe and needs to be changed, please sign this petition.  With a number of people in support of this change, we will gain the City of Tallahassee's attention and this will be fixed. 

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