Traffic Light for corner of Rosebery Avenue and Epsom Road

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Green Square to Randwick cycle link on Epsom Road is creating a lot of traffic congestion, making it at peak hours and other times of the day extremely dangerous driving conditions. Drivers are having to force their way in front of other cars, buses or tracks. There are a number of blind spots due to restricted view and drivers are being impatient due to the congestion which has caused a number of near misses in terms of accidents on a regular basis. We would like to avoid a fatality in our neighborhood and make sure all drivers, their friends and their families get from A to B safely.

We are proposing that a traffic light is placed on the corner of Rosebery Avenue and Epsom road with an arrow for turning as soon as possible in order to:
1) remove the blind spots of cars coming around the corner

2) making it easier for cars/buses and tracks in all directions to turn safely.

Whilst this will not change the congestion it will reduce the risks of serious accidents.