Make Sweetacres Park, Rosebery, an off leash dog park with a decent fence for kids area.

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Sweetacres Park has been a dog friendly meeting spot for a while. It’s a magical spot between Rothschild Avenue and Mentmore Avenue. It is a beautiful park with great amenities for families and professionals living in nearby units.

There’s just one small problem:  There has never been any signage about it not being an off-leash zone. Recently, rangers have turned up and been warning dog owners not let them off leash. This has left the park deserted and local residents frustrated.

All we are asking is for it to be a designated off leash dog area. Meanwhile, the fence that separates the park from the kids area is very low. It is not safe for kids as they can easily climb out. It is also easy for dogs to get in.

We are asking City of Sydney for:

1. Community consultation before a park’s off leash status is changed.

2. Proper fencing around the kids area.

3. Return to off-leash status.