Cut Sydney's New Years Eve fireworks by 1 MIN. for the cause of the poor.

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Cut Sydney's New Years Eve fireworks by 1 MIN. for the cause of the poor.

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Mark Brown started this petition to City of Sydney Council (Lord Mayor Clover Moore)


The Sydney New Years Eve fireworks were once again an amazing spectacle. They’re watched each year by over 1 million people at Sydney Harbor and televised to over 1 Billion people world-wide (that’s 1 in every seven people on the planet - including my family – we love it!).

The 2014/2015 budget for the fireworks was $7.2 million. The 9pm family fireworks last 8 minutes and the midnight fireworks 12 minutes making a total of 20 minutes of pure delight. This works out roughly at $360,000 per minute!

While we all love the entertainment, many people like us struggle with the incredible amount of money going up in smoke. Couldn’t there be some way of curbing the excessiveness a little for the benefit of some worthy cause?

This petition aims to achieve just that. By shortening the New Years Eve fireworks displays by just ONE MINUTE each, over $700,000 could be saved and be passed onto a nominated cause to help eradicate world hunger and poverty. We’ve come up with the name Pause for the Cause (PFTC).

We are petitioning The City of Sydney Council to pause the fireworks mid-displays for ONE MINUTE during subsequent events. In this minute of silence we can all stop and count our blessings and remember those less fortunate than ourselves knowing that in that sacrifice of ONE MINUTE of glitter and noise we will literally be saving thousands of lives.

We need your help. The City of Sydney Council must see that people are supportive of the idea. Please...

1. Sign the Pause for the Cause (PFTC) petition                                                                                             

2. Forward/repost the link to as many as possible - email, Facebook, Twitter

The petition link can also be found on our website:

You can also help spread the word by sending the City of Sydney a message of support for the idea on facebook:

Could it be possible that other major cities might pick up the idea? Imagine if this became an annual global fundraising event netting millions of dollars to help those suffering in extreme poverty. If that doesn’t stir you up someone needs to put a firecracker under you!

Thanks, in anticipation, for your support in this exciting initiative.

Kind Regards,


The Brown Family 
Launceston, Tasmania

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This petition had 613 supporters