Zero rate rises

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To Mayor David Lucas and all City of Swan Councillors
We, the undersigned, say
That we call on the City of Swan to deliver ZERO RATE RISES for this coming financial year (2018-2019).

The city has benefited from developers:
• By improving land and generating revenue with the sale of house and land packages.
• Buying land for community driven purposes of parks and pleasant walkways.

The City has not always delivered on its part to play in ensuring community spaces are at the same high standard in every Swan Ward leaving constituents feeling unheard, frustrated and ripped off.

History demonstrates that the Council rate increases to date have not matched the data they’re meant to be calculated on:
• Gross Rental Value in the area, which has generally reduced
• Market Values, which have been stagnant and in some areas deteriorated
• Services such as bulk rubbish collection, which have been reduced
• Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is consistently significantly lower than the rates increases implemented

We need to work at rebuilding the relationship between residents and ratepayers with the City of Swan. The starting point is our Rates.

Let's tighten the ship for one year, and see how we go over that year, then start spending the City’s money more wisely…

We ask, as part of this petition, that a review takes place in the following areas:
- Maintenance of parks & gardens, identify opportunities to save;
- Lawyers & Legal fees: ask questions and communicate FIRST, courts should be a last resort;
- Report & Consultation fees; review the culture our outsourcing and contracting-out of work;
- Zero pay rises, staff review numbers – what’s this mean?;
- Change of lighting to LED;
- Review the need to spend on MORM;
- Change the Mayoral breakfast to every two years rather than annually;
- Find opportunities for internal cost savings: staff and entertainment entitlements, building & property maintenance;
- Put restrictions on personal use of City of Swan vehicles;
- Scrap prizes for paying rates on time or early;
- Get rid of the City of Swan Calendar.