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Remove the no parking signs on 59 A Ave.

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A couple of weeks into September of 2016 the City of Surrey put up no parking signs between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday on 59 A Ave East of 192 St in Surrey. This stops any guests or parents from parking there during those hours. I have a daughter in kindergarten that requires me to walk her safely to the school door with her baby brother. The number of spaces in the school parking lot are limited and fill up quickly, leaving a parent scrambling if they run 5 minutes late. There is sought after parking on 60th ave East of the school, however it requires anyone coming from the North, West, or South of 192 to do a U-turn to access it, and is also limited in space.

I have to admit when weighing out my options of no parking in the parking lot or on 60th ave I have chosen to park on 59 A or 59 ave to safely walk my daughter to school and say hi to the beloved crossing guard. However, last Friday, February 10, I originally went to park on 59 ave (free of no parking signs) but could not due to the snow, so I parked on 59 A ave. I was putting my baby in the carrier when I was harassed by a resident who came out of her house and threatened to tow my car in front of my two children. I was not parked in front of her house, but felt threatened so I re-packed my children, drove to the school, and as a result she was late. This is not the first time this resident has bullied parents and harassed citizens in front of children, and this signage has given the resident of a sense of entitlement to continue to do so. Having witnessed the encounter, as a result my daughter is now terrified and experiencing great anxiety of where we park in fear of getting in trouble. 

Furthermore, is it customary that people get special privileges since the road is a public space and generally available for parking. I have driven through surrounding streets and cul de sacs of Latimer Road Elementary and as far as I can see this is the only avenue with the discriminatory parking signs. If this were a safety concern in the cul de sac there would be no parking all the time but instead it is limited to 8 am to 5 pm to target parents yet ensure the residents have parking for their guests.

If the no parking issue near schools continues this is putting children in vulnerable positions to walk farther distances to a school just so some residents can have private parking. As far as I am concerned, anyone who lives 200 m from a school should expect some sort of traffic during school pick up and drop off times and I am appalled that the City of Surrey does not make children's safety a priority. Thus, this is a petition to have the city remove the no parking signage on 59 A avenue East of 192 St., and continue to invest resources on safe sidewalks and other alternatives near the school (such as on 192 st) that will allow children to get to school safely.

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