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Remove the ban of tarps covering the tents of the homeless on 135a in Surrey, BC.

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The homeless population on 135a has been subjected to many harsh "rules" or "Bylaws" over the last 6 months.   One is that they are not allowed to use any tarp that is not fire retardant to cover their tents to keep them dry and safe from the elements.   They already are not allowed to have any type of internal heat source but now all they have is the fly or whatever blankets they have to cover themselves from the rain.  In the last few days alone the rain has been horrific.  Everyone is soaked with no way of drying their things.  This becomes a health and safety issue as far as people with already suppressed immune systems as well as some elderly that reside on the block.  With the weather we are currently experiencing a simple tent and fly are unable to protect our most vulnerable citizens from the elements.  This is cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion.  The City of Surrey as well as Surrey Fire claim that this is a Fire Safety Hazzard however I was also told a year ago that people had to move their tents away from others as much as possible as it was a fire hazzard but the City has now pushed them all to one side of the street to a point where tents are right up against each other,  putting them in danger if you go by their initial rules.  Please,  I am asking for the City to lift the ban on tarps over their tents during this rainy, cold and very hard season.  Each year that an emergency shelter is put into place we are told that next year there would be housing and here we are yet again facing a long and wet winter with no appropriate housing even close to be made available.  They deserve to at least be dry.  I need all the help I can get.  Please be a part of the solution and sign this petition.  It doesnt matter where you are from.... we need your help.

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