Keep Crescent Beach Paddle Shack at Blackie Spit, Surrey, BC

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For the past 7 years, Crescent Beach Paddle Shack has operated out of beach hut at Blackie Spit Park, through a lease agreement with the City of Surrey.  We have provided many people with a safe and fun paddling experience through rentals, lessons and tours.  We have lots of gear and were looking forward to the 2020 season.  Each year we move our Paddle Shack in at the beginning of the season and out at the end.  We are ready to open for the 2020 season, but there is an issue...

Since the start, several of the executive members of the Crescent Beach Property Owners Association (CBPOA), have been against the Paddle Shack's operation, as they do not want to attract people to the area.

Recently, the CBPOA, have passed a motion which will effectively put the Paddle Shack out of business and end the paddling experience for many, at Blackie Spit.  

The motion passed by the CBPOA is to only allow paddle rental / tours / lessons from a "roll-in / roll-out" trailers and not allow any storage or kiosk to be placed onto the beach.  The City of Surrey, unfortunately is following the recommendation of the CBPOA, due to their political influence in Surrey.  

The CBPOA is a private association of those individuals that own property in the Crescent Beach neighbourhood of Surrey, BC., and not a municipally elected board or counsel.  

Having kayaks and paddleboards on a trailer will severely limit the amount of equipment available to rent and eliminate season jobs for both high school and post-secondary students who live in the area.  Our staff do not have access or experience with driving this type of large vehicle to move the large trailers in and out on a daily basis.  More than likely, only a sole-person operator will be able to do this type of operation and only during select days of the week and at specific times.  The availability of the rentals will be severely restricted.  

While our earth is facing climate change, requiring trailers to be driven in and out every day over the summer will create undue pollution and add further traffic to the neighbourhood.   

The trailers and public walking into the parking lot will cause much traffic issues and increase the potential for injury.  One major component of our Paddle Shack is safety of the paddlers.  The was positioned to give staff a constant view of the water in-front of the beach to keep a look-out for any paddlers or even swimmers needing help.  

In this new time of Covid-19,  the operations of the Paddle Shack is more important than ever.  The shack provides the proper distancing between staff and clients.  Creating fun and rewarding summer employment for youth and allowing the public to create their own fun paddling experience, so close to the city is a priority.

Please sign the petition to show your support for the Crescent Beach Paddle Shack and tell the City of Surrey, that Blackie Spit belongs to all of Surrey's residents and not just the wealthy who live in the area and want to keep it for themselves.  

In addition, if you live in Surrey, please email the Mayor and Counsel through this single email address: (this will go to the Mayor and Counsel).  Please include your address in your email.   

Thank you and hopefully we will see you at the beach this summer,

Crescent Beach Paddle Shack Staff