Build a second access to Laurentian University

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The Problem

There is only one access to Laurentian University and that is via Ramsey Lake Road. When this road has construction work going on traffic can back up creating chaos for people trying to get in or out of the university. Perhaps a bigger concern is that if an accident were to ever occur on this winding single lane road and the road had to be shut down for a few hours, people would be left with no where to go!

The Numbers 

Laurentian University is home to over 6300 students and 1800 employees. Many of these people rely on commuting to work everyday. With a lane or possible road closures, traffic comes to a halt. This can create hour long back ups of people trying to enter or exit the area. Not only is this route the only access to the university but it is also the only access for 370 private households.

Why Should I Care 

This problem affects everybody in the city. Many city busses run through this route and a traffic backup means that busses run behind schedule and people are unable to get to where they need to be on time.  A single lane road does not meet the demands for such a large volume of traffic on a day to day basis much less if part of the road is closed due to extenuating circumstances. By creating a second access point into the area the load during rush hour can be relieved. 

Environmental Damage 

Ramsey Lake Road is built right along Ramsey Lake, much of the city's source for drinking water. Since this road has such a high volume of traffic, it must be kept clean at all times. This means that a lot of salt is used during the winter months to keep the roadway clear. This salt seeps right into the lake when the spring time comes around. Another issue is the pollution that comes from traffic jams. When traffic is backed up all the way down the road, cars are sitting idling and burning a lot of gas in the process. Not only is this a disturbance to people in the area but it also increases carbon emissions. Having two access points will allow traffic to continue moving at a moderate pace, reducing the emissions produced. Creating a second access point into the South End also reduces the travel time for many people. Employees and students commuting from the South End have to travel all the way around and take quite a long route to get to the university. A second access point would drastically cut the commute time and length for many people which would have a positive impact on the environment. 


Laurentian University and the Ramsey Lake area only have one access point despite having a large volume of traffic. This single lane road creates traffic backups and may have disasterous consequences if the road were ever closed preventing people from getting in/out of the area. By creating a second access point traffic issues can be addressed. This may also positively impact the environment by reducing the number of vehicles idling in traffic. By signing this petition you are helping voice your concern about this issue to the city who may take further action by creating a second access road.