Revitalise Rokeby before its too late!

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The City of Subiaco is proposing scheme amendment number 35, to the Town Planning Scheme number 4. This amendment aims to enhance Rokeby South, specifically the West side between Hammersley and Nicholson, by allowing the prospect of better quality developments that will increase amenity for surrounding residents and add, rather than detract, from Subiaco’s renowned leafy character and charm. 

 Some local residents believe that the height extension of 5 metres will be a detriment to the area, when in fact this minor extension gives the professional planners and Councillors at the City of Subiaco, who have the residents best interest at heart, the flexibility to consider proposals that will fit in with the scale of the area, allow for progressive growth and create an aesthetic that aligns with the existing charm of Subiaco. 

Proposals for multiple level buildings for Rokeby Road will be considered with thought and the overall progression and prosperity of The City of Subiaco and its residents at the forefront of the Councillors minds. Any new development will only be successful if it initiates the revitalisation of Rokeby and represents the overall ethos and character of Subiaco.

These potential developments encourage the idea of quality buildings that will continue to allow the convenient lifestyle that Subiaco provides, encouraging people to - LIVE, WORK & PLAY in Subi! 

 We are encouraging locals to have faith in their new Council, whom have the experience and knowledge to approve development applications, in order to promote positive growth, while at the same time conserving the Subiaco lifestyle

We respectfully ask The City of Subiaco and its Councillors to vote for the adoption of proposed scheme amendment number 35!




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