High quality development in Subiaco with world-class ground floor experience

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Support for the application for development approval for a revised design for the old Subiaco Pavilion Market Site at 10 Rokeby Road and 375 Roberts Road, Subiaco.

To the Mayor, Councillors and City of Subiaco, we, the undersigned, would like our support for the new application for development approval to be recognised and considered as part of the approval process.

-The revised design is a significant improvement on the currently approved scheme.

-We understand that the range of community benefits, increased public space and open ground floor area is made possible by developing the site in the way Blackburne have proposed.

-The proposal is well considered and an excellent example of good design producing a better outcome for visitors and residents. It is a high quality, contemporary development which respectfully pays tribute to the history and character of Subiaco.

-The three distinct buildings with their own, unique architectural character is a sensitive response to a critical location in Subiaco and integrates it within the existing neighbourhood.

- The tallest building of 24 storeys is a thinner, more elegant form and well located at the rear of the property. The scale of the development enables a world-class mixed use development of high quality.

-The individual apartments are less deep and have greater access to natural light. They are specifically designed as homes for local owner-occupier downsizers to live in.

-The existing approval allows for 200 one-bedroom and studio apartments. The revised design, with a more even make up of apartment types is in keeping with Subiaco’s character and will promote a stronger and more vibrant community.

-The scale of the development will provide a catalyst for economic development and provide desperately needed business confidence to the City.

-On completion, the new residents will provide vibrancy and energy to a key part of Subiaco, as it bridges the old and new areas.