Council puts ban on children's street tree swings

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I was recently issued with a cease and desist order by Subiaco council over a tyre swing on a street tree outside my Evans Street home. These are the sorts of things which bring a community together. Standing out the front of your home chatting to neighbours and passers-by while your kids and the neighbours’ kids play on a swing is what community is about. This ridiculous policy is suggesting we all move inside, go behind our walls and not socialise with anyone.

My six-year-old daughter, Grace, and her friends frequently play on the verge swing, which hangs a few centimetres above the grass, while their parents watch and chat with others on the street. Some of my neighbours received the same stern warning that their swings were a breach of the council’s verge policy and had to be removed within 14 days.

I am kindly asking all Shenton Park and Subiaco residents to please stand with us in signing this petition to allow kids to be kids. This is taking away our COMMUNITY spirit and neighbourhood connections. Allowing our children to play gives a glimmer of ‘simpler life’ from another lost era. I hope you agree and get on board to allow our children more outside play.

I propose that we have a waiver to sign which gives us permission to put a simple structure up and protects council from any potential liability. SIMPLE solution and a simple compromise. Council protected and kids and community socialising outdoors.