COVIDSafe Chapel Street Activation Every Weekend of Summer

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Every weekend over Summer the City of Stonnington give back the streets to the residents and community.

This is a once in a hundred year moment that we are living through. Normal ways of thinking and adapting will not help us through. We need extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

On the weekends - close off the street to bikes and cars, keep the trams running through the middle to help encourage social distancing and expand trading onto the streets.

Protective barriers will be installed in the bike lanes, separating car park bays and the tram tracks, opening the street up to local residents and traders. 

Give all traders more space to trade under COVIDSafe best practices and the community more reason to get outside into the summer sunshine and enjoy what Stonnington has to offer. 

This will create jobs, 1000's of jobs, for hospitality staff, events hire companies, retail staff, suppliers will have purchase orders, the supply chains will be activated again, and most importantly, it will repurpose council workers tasks and public servants will actually be earning their above-average pay packets.

Our businesses have been hurt beyond belief and this would not only give them an opportunity to rebound faster, but also attract new businesses to the empty premises.

Make Melbourne the most liveable city in the world again!!