City of Stirling: Stop Mobile Phone Base Station at 8 Morris Road Innaloo

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We refer to the proposed installation of a mobile phone base station at 8 Morris Road Innaloo (RFNSA site number 6018009). 

We, the residents in the vicinity of the site, petition the City of Stirling to stop the proposed installation of the base station on the grounds of:

1. Strong Concerns for Our Health 

We do not want the adverse health consequences of living in close proximity to telecommunications towers / base stations.  We note there are numerous studies that show that the long term radiation exposure of living within 400 metres of a mobile phone base station has adverse health implications, including neurological disorders and a significantly greater risk of cancer.  Babies and children are especially vulnerable to absorbing electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation.  Furthermore, they will have a lifetime of exposure. We note that the site of the proposed facility is not only in close proximity to residential homes (the nearest being within only 100 metres of the site), but also the Dinki Di Child Care Centre and Yuluma Primary School.   There are also some residents who both live and work in close proximity to the site.  We, the residents, do not wish to take these risks with our health and the health of our children.

2. The Devaluation of Our Properties – Impact on our Financial Well-Being

Many surveys and studies confirm that mobile phone towers / antennas in an area adversely impact the values of the properties in the area (due to declined interest in a property and a significantly lower price that a buyer is willing to pay for it).   There are many homes in close proximity to the site of the proposed installation.  The value of these homes will be adversely impacted, affecting the future financial wellbeing of our community members.

3. Aesthetics – Negative Visual Amenity 

Our neighborhood is comprised primarily of residential homes. The proposed base station antennae, which will stand at 12.72 metres high, will bring negative visual amenity to the area, and particularly to the adjacent properties and streets from which the structure can be seen. This will adversely affect the character of our neighbourhood, residents’ enjoyment of living in the area, and also (as mentioned above) the values of properties.

 4. Impact on Wildlife in the Vicinity  

Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone towers and base stations has been scientifically proven to be detrimental to the wellbeing of wildlife, particularly birds.  There are a number of areas in close proximity to the installation site that are inhabited by our local wildlife, including the wooded area on the corner of Ambrose Street and Morris Road (on the grounds of Yuluma Primary School).  The wellbeing of this wildlife will be adversely affected.

5.  Proposal driven by Commercial Objectives, rather than our Community’s Interests. 

In the letter mailed out to residents in the vicinity of the site, CPS Global (on behalf of Optus and Vodafone) states that the purpose of the base station is 'to provide quality indoor wireless coverage for Innaloo and surrounding suburbs'.   We note that this is not something that we have demanded or desire, and that the proposal has appears to have been driven by commercial objectives.  We are satisfied with our current network coverage and do not have any need/desire for any improvement in the quality of this.  Furthermore, we strongly oppose any improvement in coverage if it poses a risk to our health. 

The proposal's Consultation Plan published on the Radio Frequency National Site Archive’s (RFNSA’s) website states that the owner of the site at 8 Morris Road “is willing to enter into a commercial agreement with Optus”.  This further supports that the proposal satisfies business financial gain rather than the interests of our community. 

If the proposed installation has truly been designed in the interests of our community, then our community’s voice should be heard.  We should have the choice as to whether the installation goes ahead, and should have the right to oppose and prevent it, particularly since it concerns our health and financial well-being.

The City of Stirling has a duty of care to the residents who live within its bounds to ensure their safety and wellbeing, and to act in their best interests. Councillors of the City of Stirling, please continue to care for our community.  We urge you to stop the proposed installation of the base station at 8 Morris Road for our sake.