Prevent 224 extra cars on Stirling Backstreets NOW!

Prevent 224 extra cars on Stirling Backstreets NOW!

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Steve Craig started this petition to Chief Executive Officer (Chief Executive Officer - CITY OF STIRLING)

A HUGE Commercial Childcare Business with extended OPERATING HOURS is to be imposed on Spoonbill Road & Cedric Street Residents WITH AT LEAST 224 CAR MOVEMENTS PER DAY so ACT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE PLEASE!

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massive extended hours childcare centre that is being proposed to be built on the corner of Spoonbill Road and Cedric Street Stirling.

Spoonbill Road and Cedric Street are extremely busy in the mornings and  afternoon with school and work traffic and also suffers from “Rat-run” problems of people cutting through the backstreets to avoid freeway congestion. 

The Directors' of the Developer Perth Re Pty Ltd have supported their application saying that their will be no adverse affects on local residents even though the 224 vehicle movements will access through Cedric Street which when you have cars parked on one side will block the three peak hour bus services. 

Cars will be snaking from the East and North all the way through Stirling to access this MASSAVE centre in the backstreets of Stirling.

The application allows for 13 bays which probably will not even cater for the centre staff let alone the parents of the 52 babies � being delivered or picked up. 

Putting an estimated total of over 224 car movements (as noted in the Traffic Report prepared for the City) in and out each day trying to park and drop off and pick up children on this corner location will be a disaster, given there is such a large traffic flow and a roundabout with no ability to park on the corner. This corner is already too busy from the freeway “rat-runners”!

There will also be the increased traffic on Cedric Street from the Unit Development and lack of parking issues at the Stirling Shopping Centre so this proposed development will only add to the traffic snarls in our local area.

There are plenty of sites available that are already zoned commercial like the now 10-year empty Stirling deli site on Odin Road or the Balcatta Growers market which already have the size and zoning and have been well established in the area and not just dumped into a long-term residential area for the commercial gain of a couple of out of the area business suits.

We will also get “rat-parkers” that leave their car in the back streets after dropping off their children and to catch public transport to the city to avoid paying for parking in the city or at the train station only to return in the evening.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is for our local area as there is no preferential treatment in these centres for locals as it’s been strategically located here to capture people coming in further from the North or East to the train station or the freeway and all it will do is fill our local streets up with 224 extra vehicle movements per day in an area already full of rat runner avoiding the freeway as they traipse through at all hours disturbing our area.

The problem is that this EXTENDED HOURS daycare currently does not have enough carparks foe staff or parents dopping children off and needs to be doubled top at least 30 bays not 13 and the access into a suburban street lwhocj will cause  logjam of cars just like the attached picture  with people parking on the street 20 meters from a very busy round-about. 

We encourage local residents to immediately contact the City of Stirling Planning Officer as currently the response period is still open as the developer has outstanding information to provide so time is of the essence.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!