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Leave Samson alone and let him go home to his family

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The city of Sterling Heights MI is trying to put Samson through made up tests where he is determined to fail. They say they want to send uniformed police officers in him home and groom him without Samson having a reaction. If he has a reaction we believe they will kill him right there in his home.

Please help, share, or advise if you can, I don't know what to do.....## UPDATE SAMSON ## YET AGAIN the city of Sterling Heights has delayed returning a verdict on Samson's fate. This started out as one week of having him and has turned into a month of jumping through hoops for this city, and doing everything they have originally requested, and acing every single thing. Apparently that is not good enough for them...NOW the city council has requested that Samson pass, and I quote "some sort of test, which involves uniformed police officers to enter his home without him having a reaction" & quote...YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME STERLING HEIGHTS??... By chance what is the name of this test? Is this yet another added on made up "requirement" that the city requires in cases such as Samson's? If so, when was it enacted? How many other dogs has this test been given to? See the problem here is Samson has not been home in over a month and a half and you are now requesting that he be returned home only to have a troop of police officers march into his home and expect him to have no reaction??....I bet it will be the SAME polices officers that took him from his home the LAST time he was there, you know the time when he ran to and curled up under an end table and lifted it because he could not fit while trembling in fear from the man in a uniform slowing approaching him in his home to take him from his family???.??.?.?....? WTMF!!!! This is illegal, how is this possible to even request such a idiotic test? If any one has any comments or advice please post them...I'm truly at a loss on what to do here, they are backing Samson into a corner that he cannot get out of....AND what if he does have a reaction?..? I am sure these police officers will be armed, will they be told to turn around and leave or will they kill Samson for his reaction?.. PLEASE SHARE ## PLEASE SHARE ## PLEASE SHARE ##

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