Allow the SARG Cattery to Open! *Please verify your location is correct, ie Stanley, ND*

Allow the SARG Cattery to Open! *Please verify your location is correct, ie Stanley, ND*

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City of Stanley, ND

Why this petition matters

Started by Jacqueline Spegal

The SARG Cattery, was a planned branch of the Stanley Animal Rescue Group. It will ultimately for all intents and purposes be a Pet Store. The City of Stanley allows Pet Stores on Main Street according to their own Zoning and Permitting Guidelines. We are being told that a rescue cannot be a pet store by the zoning department. This is not true. We already have a registered DBA with the State of North Dakota for the SARG Cattery. There is NO reason that an animal rescue cannot have a branch that is a pet store as well. There is no law prohibiting it and it is not up to her. 

The delay in opening and delay in fundraising is financially crippling our rescue. There are lives at stake over semantics and ultimately someone over stepping their authority to say what we as a business can and can't do. Again, nothing prohibits a rescue from also offering a pet store. 

Many volunteer hours, a lot of monatary and non monetary donations and our saved up resources went into building our Cattery. A place to see animals and buy safe and healthy products for your pets. 

Our rescue has dealt with adversary since the beginning and we have overcome. But THIS, we will not come back from. We have a lease, that is a significant cost. We could have brought in revenue to cover the rent- but not if we cannot operate. We do not have a place for people to meet pets, so they wait. And while they wait, more wait on the streets because we stay full. 

Please consider signing this petition to let the City of Stanley know that what they are doing is wrong. There was a need in this town, we are trying to fill it. But we can't if they red tape every step we take. 

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162 have signed. Let’s get to 200!