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City of St. Paul and Department of Safety and Inspections: Preserve our Artistic Landmark: The People's Park of 680 East Wells Street

For ten years the city of St. Paul has allowed our neighbor Arjo Adams to create a unique, artistic landmark in our neighborhood at 680 East Wells Street in St. Paul. We call it The Peoples’ Park. 680 East Wells Street was created by our neighbor on public land owned by the City of St. Paul. However, due to code violations on a separate, private property next door at 676 East Wells Street, now demolition of The Peoples’ Park is being contemplated. Over the last ten years many people have visited and contributed to this unique art installation in our neighborhood, and we find meaning and value in it as a neighborhood landmark; something that makes our neighborhood different and unique from other neighborhoods. If we are going to put money into public art, as we are doing a lot these days, then why tear down exactly that? That seems very inefficient and wasteful. There must be a way to preserve the spirit of Arjo's project while addressing safety or liability concerns. Not everything has to be out of the box and great art rarely if ever is. We believe that the City could work to find a compromise that reduces liability but retains what some find to be a unique artistic landmark in the neighborhood, and we believe the community deserves time for the fans of this landmark artistic installation to be heard.

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This petition was delivered to:
  • Councilmember, Ward 6
    Dan Bostrom
  • Department of Safety and Inspections, City of St. Paul
    Robert Humphrey
  • Director of Recreation, City of St. Paul
    Mike Hahm

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