Save our Neighborhood Stabilization Officers!

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April 20, 2018, the Board of Estimate and Apportionment held a hearing to allow for public testimony for the 2019 budget.  Many residents showed their concern with the cuts to Neighborhood Stabilization Officer section of the budget.  Comptroller Darlene Green made a motion to find the $800,000.  The rest of the board (president of the Board of Alderman Lewis Reed and Mayor Lyda Krewson) agreed and the motion passed.  This was a lie.  The Ways & Means Committee is now considering cutting that budget further.

There are many neighborhoods where the Neighborhood Stabilization Officer (Neighborhood Improvement Specialist) is dire.  They are the liaison to city services.  With the impending ward reduction, our residents will have even fewer people to turn to.  Then what?

Every day we hear the call to fill the vacancies of police officers. NSO’s are picking up the slack, to a degree. They get to know the neighbors. They take care of derelict things our officers just “don’t have the time for.” Why on Earth would you think that THIS is an appropriate option to balance the budget?

Management is trying to tell us that the NSO program needs to be reworked and wants to cut 1/2 of the employees! All because some NSO's are not doing their job correctly. If that is the truth then it is the manager that needs to be replaced! If a manager is not capable of hiring qualified applicants and does not train them properly it is the manager's fault! New, qualified and educated managers are what we need!  We need leaders, not just bosses.

Please sign this petition, and show the numbers of residents that think it is absurd to cut this important neighborhood tool to balance the budget.

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