Re-Open Butterpot Ski Trails in St. John’s NL!

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Canadian residents only sign please! For over 30 years the people of Newfoundland and Labrador enjoyed the beautiful cross country ski trails in Butterpot provincial park. To everyone’s great dismay Butterpot park closed for nordic skiing in 2016 due to budget cuts. This has wreaked havoc on the cross country community in St. John’s and the surrounding areas as athletes and recreationalists alike must use the far less enjoyable pippy park ski trails. These trails are icy, crowded and extremely short with less than 4 total kilometres to ski. This is such a big deal as the interest in cross country skiing has been on a decline in the Avalon Peninsula. We have fewer young, beginner cross country skiers and even fewer mature cross country athletes to represent our city and our province at provincial and national races. This community demands action to be taken on this issue. We believe that the enjoyment and health of the citizens of St. John’s and Newfoundland alike is much worth the government’s money and support. The ski community would be more than happy to volunteer to do almost anything to open these trails again. Having ski trails in a community promotes a healthy lifestyle. With just two people employed for insurance purposes the cross country trails could open once again. All the equipment and lodges are still in good condition but if we let this issue continue for much longer they may not be. IF YOU HAVE ANY LOVE FOR THE SPORT OF CROSS COUNTRY SKIING PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. It would truly be a huge contributor to the health and happiness of the citizens of the Avalon Peninsula. Thank you for your time.