Remove DIXIE from the Sugarloaf - Pioneer Park - St. George Utah

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Since the Early 1900's the word DIXIE has been whitewashed onto a large rock formation overlooking the city of St. Geroge known as the Sugarloaf.  The term DIXIE was popularized in the area by an early resident that was a documented slave owner and trader.

The local university also bears the name DIXIE and recently changed its mascot and flag from a southern rebel with a confederate flag, to a bison.

While the name has "heritage" for local residents, in the current climate it is time to recognize that phrases like this (especially with local documented ties to prominent slave owners) need to be removed for future generations to heal.  This change will open the way for new businesses to enter the city and be one step towards creating a more inclusive community that is representative of all residents.

Now is the time for the city to act and put to rest a legacy founded on confederate flags and blackface.

Sign this petition to stand up against racist slogans (especially when they have been used in a racist manner locally in the past).  Remove DIXIE once and for all and let's ensure this part of our history is not enshrined in a proud manner, but removed and discussed as an unfortunate part of our past.