Enforce the bi law / Ban cats from running at large

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We, the undersigned residents of Spruce Grove and surrounding Parkland County, wish to have The City of Spruce Grove / Parkland County & Bi law Enforcement, enforce / amend the Bi law so that cats must be on a leash and not be allowed to roam at large. Cats damage other peoples property and defecate and urinate on others properties. There is no consequence for allowing the animal to roam freely and these animals may or may not be inoculated thereby carrying many viruses and parasites that are detrimental to other pet owners forced by law to leash or contain their pets. It should not be at the offended parties expense nor inconvenience, to trap nor take measures that involve sometimes costly deterrents to keep other peoples pets off of our properties and from ruining our gardens and other items as well as cleaning up defecation from said animals.