Spokane : Improve Neighborhood Safety for W Wellesley Ave

Spokane : Improve Neighborhood Safety for W Wellesley Ave

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Jaydra Erchul-Johnson started this petition to City of Spokane and

This petition is not a say-all-end-all. The solution is only an example, and I am willing to hear alternative solutions. The main priority needs to be safety. 

From the Washington State Patrol Data searching from 2015 to 2020, (which is missing some reports), we have found that the stretch of road from Ash to Division on Wellesley has approximately 210 collisions per linear mile. (Compared to the 54 collisions per linear mile of NW Blvd - Ash, or the 13.4 per linear mile of Division - Valley Springs). 

Specifically, the collisions from Howard to Atlantic have included 2 pedestrian involved collisions, 1 fatal bicycle collision, 2 car vs. house collisions, and numerous collisions of resident and city property damage including yards, fences, cars, poles, etc. 

Also, the current engineered street causes back ups in traffic due to high volume of cars that are traveling, cars that are stopping to turn left, pedestrians crossing at unmarked segments, and in turn causing more collisions from impatient drivers suddenly switching to another lane to avoid being stopped.

I propose the city adjust the four-lane road that is Wellesley (from Howard to Normandie) into a three-lane segment consisting of two lanes, a center two-way left-turn lane, and bicycle lanes. This stretch of road would benefit a pedestrian hybrid beacon on N Whitehouse St for as it is in the middle of Wall St and Division St., and it will allow pedestrians easier travel to Franklin Park.  In addition, this will help pedestrians and bicycles access the public transit stop located on the north side of Wellesley that travels Westbound. These changes will encourage the speed limit, reduce collisions, create safer travel for pedestrians and bicycles, while still maintaining flow of traffic for vehicles and public transportation. (As less cars will be stopped to turn). 

Help us provide safer roads for; the children walking along Wellesley in their commute to school, the families riding their bikes to the park, the frequent teenage pedestrians traveling to the mall with their friends, the children playing in their yards ten feet from the road, the pedestrians utilizing public transportation, and the families residing in the homes along Wellesley Avenue. 

There has been an official 16- page report created that will be presented at the North Hill Neighborhood Council Meeting on Thursday, March 12th at The Gathering House in Garland at 6:30PM. If voted in for the Traffic Calming and Safety Program, it will be brought in front of City Council. Your votes on this online petition, and your presence at the meeting and sharing of personal stories will help support this future project.  

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of converting this portion of Wellesley to a three-lane road with turning lanes.

If you have information on any of the collisions or traffic issues in this area, or would like to make sure that your information is included in the data report, please contact me.

Spokane, WA

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