Restore Broadway Winter Hill to reduce pollution, traffic congestion and safety

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Arthur Moore
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Restore Broadway in Winter Hill by removing red bus lanes and restoring parking back to it's original state. Repainting of street to black to avoid confusion. Also move car lanes back to the sidewalks afterwards marking new bike lanes. The current condition is causing many car accidents, road congestion resulting in increased more car idling which is increasing the air pollution. Also creating hazardous conditions by making it unsafe for cars coming out of side streets. More blocking of intersections. Loss of business as parking was taken away from in front of walk in businesses. Resident parking loss forcing citizens to drive around on side streets looking for parking. Lots of confusion of where to go due to confusion of street markings making a hazardous situation. Plus increase of aggressive and illegal driving to get around the area now. Also we have more accidents which are more destructive now. Traffic backups are now much larger than before. It needs to be changed now before Winter to restore safety and sanity to Broadway. We care, the citizens of Somerville who employ you.