REQUESTING Council to Meet and Rescind the claim of Dangerous Dog cited against Karen (Shae) Butts who was forced to remove Dog from City of Simonton

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Neighbors and Friends - My pet was forcefully removed from my home; in compliance with my request for an appeal review by the city council to rescind an order Of Dangerous Dog cited by the Mayor of Simonton.  The mayor filed this order based the claims made by a problematic neighbor, and a handful of photos of a dead rooster.  The mayor claims the dog may be dangerous to people and children if it will kill a chicken.  I know the dog did not kill the chicken but in fact went to investigate the scent of the dead bird.  I know this because the dog had only been out ten or 15 minutes while I was in the barn.  The dog only goes out with me.  There was no noise, commotion or crowing that morning.  The dog who has a white coat had no blood on her coat or her mouth, and the photos taken by the claimant show a bird with hours old blood wounds and a large hole most likely caused by an owl.  There are many natural predators in our neighborhood.  The owner of the bird made no effort to protect his livestock from predators, never cooping his chickens. If my dog had killed the bird, which it did not, that would still not make it a dangerous dog.  That chicken was in fact no pet either, but instead a dangerous and hateful rooster, that chased dogs and people.   I am longtime model citizen.  I pay my taxes and maintenance fees timely and have served on the VLPOA (2 terms), various committees (park and Beautificatioin) and wrote for the Valley Lodge newsletter for 8 years. I was also director of the Gulf Coast Welsh Pony Assn for 17 years.   I no longer have the luxury of these activities since my husband died 7 years ago.    The dog in question is no danger to others or their pets, but is in fact a senior pet (who was not only rescued from the streets of Valley Lodge over four years ago by me, but acts as a service dog to an older senior rescue who no longer has sight or hearing. The elder dog has lost his eyes and ears with her removal from her home, and the separation has caused extreme duress on both the animals and owner. The dog deemed dangerous is in fact residing in a home with two small children and four small pets without consequence!  I am asking you to rescind this claim, however I doubt this is going to stop the neighbor from his vendetta,but i will install a fence if you return her and it brings me some peace.  Thank you,

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