Save The Market Entrance

Save The Market Entrance

January 17, 2018
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Director of Transportation Greg Spotts
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ruth Danner

The iconic entrance to the Pike Place Market is at risk.

The current scale and symmetry of the market entrance exists because the tallest building at the four corners of the Pike Place Market entrance is 3 stories.  

A group of developers has proposed demolishing the historic Green Tortoise (Hahn) building at the market entrance and replacing it with a 14 story hotel with no parking.  

We the undersigned do, with our signatures, collectively express our concerns regarding the proposed Hahn building development and its potential to:

  1. Permanently alter the symmetry and scale of the 4 corners of the Pike Place Market entrance.
  2. Result in the demolition of the Hahn building, which dates to the 1890s and has a rich cultural history in the city of Seattle.
  3. Displace the affordable housing for travelers provided by the Green Tortoise Hotel.
  4. Increase traffic congestion due to the complete lack of parking associated with the proposed hotel and the street blockages that would occur due the constant drop off and pick up of hotel guests on Pike St, which is only one lane.

The Hahn building dates to the 1890s and it has been integral to the market entrance since its inception.  If this project goes forward as proposed, it will permanently alter the historic, iconic Pike Place Market entrance and the downtown community.  This can't be undone.

We urge you to stop this development and preserve the historic character of the world renown Pike Place Market, the crown jewel of our city which is enjoyed by 10 million people annually.

More information: and Save The Market Entrance on Facebook.

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Signatures: 91,465Next Goal: 150,000
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Greg SpottsDirector of Transportation