Keep Tent City 3 at Seattle Pacific University

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Seattle Pacific University is hosting its third ever Tent City. Tent City allows a community of homeless people to come and live on the grounds of SPU's campus for a period of a few months. This is beneficial both for the homeless individuals and SPU's students; it provides a safe space for homeless people to live where there is readily-available food and water, shelter, social opportunities, and people who genuinely care about them. It benefits the students by opening up a much-needed conversation about homelessness and allowing students to step outside of their comfort zones to experience different walks of life.

Seattle Pacific University has previously hosted Tent City twice with no problems. Residents of Tent City are thoroughly screened to ensure everyone's safety. SPU obtained a Type II Master Use Permit in order to allow the public to voice their opinions on Tent City before it arrived; there were no negative comments. 

Despite all of this, a Seattle group known as Safe and Affordable Seattle is filing an appeal to have Tent City removed from SPU's campus. Rather than voicing their concerns to Seattle Pacific University, Safe and Affordable Seattle decided to take their appeal directly to the city. If they get their way, at least 60 homeless men and women, along with any children and pets, will be forced back onto the streets of Seattle.

Please help Seattle Pacific University honor its mission statement of "Engaging the Culture, Changing the World" by signing this petition to keep Tent City 3 on SPU's campus. 

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