Stand With SeaTac’s Thriving Immigrant & Refugee Community

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We call on the City of SeaTac to stop the displacement of SeaTac’s thriving Immigrant and Refugee communities through predatory economic development. The City of SeaTac is selling SeaTac Center to a developer. We need to make sure our businesses can continue to provide the vital retail services to our communities. We demand a Seatac where all communities can thrive and grow. Displacement is not an option for our communities who have put down deep roots in Seatac. Any plan that does not include us, is actually a plan to displace us.

We Demand that the City of Seatac:

1. Commit to being a diverse and inclusive city
2. Not displace the over 50 long-time SeaTac Center Immigrant Business Owners
3. Host a series of open community meetings before any decision is made about the sale of SeaTac Center.
4. Give the whole community a voice on future equitable economic development and other critical issues in SeaTac.