Stop the Killing of California's Coyotes

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The City Council of Seal Beach, California is currently trapping and killing native coyotes.

This senseless killing has begun and three coyotes have already been captured and killed with carbon dioxide gas.  Please help stop this needless and cruel slaughter now.

Coyotes form strong familial bonds, just like people and the pets that the City of Seal Beach claims it means to protect.  Males and females work together to raise their young and survive.  While coyotes can be a nuisance, it has been determined that the best deterrent is a fence—not needless slaughter.

Trapping and killing the coytoes is a short-sighted, misguided response that will backfire.  By killing the coyotes Seal Beach will have just as many coyotes again with a year or two.  By killing one or both member of the alpha pair, the only ones that normally reproduce, other pairs will consequently form and reproduce.  At the same time, lone coyotes will move into the area and mate, young coytoes will start having offspring sooner, and litter sizes will grow—thereby compounding the perceived problem.

Science must be put front and center in relation to decisions about wildlife and the environment.  The City Council of Seal Beach must recognize that this is the wrong policy for Seal Beach.

Help stop the senseless killing of coyotes in California.  Please take action today.

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