Stop the Killing of California's Coyotes

Killing coyotes is cruel and based on ignorant fear. Coyotes eat mostly mice, rats, and rabbits, they can eat up to 64 mice in a few days, eating an average of 20 to 60 mice and rats per day, a small pack of 7 coyotes is cleaning our city backyards from 1,000 of mice and rats per week, it adds up to 4,000 mice and rats per month, and 48,000 or more mice and rats per year, Do you want the 48,000 mice and rats plus their growth or a pack of coyotes trying to get them? they also help maintain rabbit population from overgrowing.
Coyotes are so close to dogs they can breed together, they are timid dogs, who like our old dogs, who used to hunt, still hunt rodents and rabbits to survive. Coyotes should be called true dogs. They are timid, and stay away from people, most of the time. Safer than some dogs breeds.

Cecile Cadon, Orange County, CA, United States
6 years ago
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