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Scottsdale, AZ has a national reputation as a bicycle-friendly community... particularly in North Scottsdale, where the cycling culture is rapidly increasing due to the area's expanding residential growth. The City of Scottsdale has a duty to address the infrastructure and safety needs of the local cycling community.

Happy Valley Rd is frequently used by cyclists because it is a direct thoroughfare which provides access to many of the popular cycling destinations in the North Scottsdale area. Most of Happy Valley Rd includes designated bike lanes; however, between Hayden and Miller the road suddenly narrows and the bicycle lanes disappear WITHOUT WARNING. CYCLISTS ARE THEN FORCED TO ABRUPTLY MERGE INTO THE ROAD IN FRONT OF MOTOR VEHICLES THAT ARE GOING 40 MPH!! This impedes traffic flow, creating a hazard not only for the cyclists, but also for the drivers who have to take evasive action to avoid a collision when someone riding a bicycle is forced to suddenly cut in front of them. 

The City of Scottsdale 2008 Transportation Master Plan includes widening this section of Happy Valley to 4 lanes and adding bike lanes, sidewalks, and medians. However, the City has advised that this improvement project is classified as "MEDIUM PRIORITY" and will not take place until the area is developed, so that the costs can be imposed on the developers. Presently there are no plans to develop this area, so it could be many years before these improvements are made. A reasonable and affordable solution to make Happy Valley safer in the interim is for the City to simply add bicycle lanes! The road itself and the rest of the area can just be left as-is to minimize the cost. 

Most people who travel this route are aware of the many "close calls" between motorists and cyclists that happen here on a regular basis. This safety hazard must be corrected before someone loses their life. Please take a moment to sign this petition urging the City of Scottsdale to make people's safety a "HIGH PRIORITY"...and add bicycle lanes on Happy Valley Road between Hayden and Miller NOW before it is too late!

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